Avatar or Incarnation of Devi Shree Katyayani

Noting from prevalent records (Shri Durga Sapthashathi) our ancestors narrate the details of Avatar of Shree Katyayani thus:-

The demon King Mahishasura after intense penance (Tapas) of years received indomitable powers from Lord Shiva. Power intoxicated him and with great arrogance he started distrurbing the Rishis in their holy rituals and attacking the Gods. His impudence led him to defeat INDRA and conquer his capital Amaravathi. Fearing his might and insolence, the Rishis and Gods approached Brahmma, Rudra and Lord Narayana and narrated their predicament. As Lord Maha Vishnu heard the details of Mahishasura’s misdeeds his clam face turned fierce and an intense cosmic ray of light (Divya Jyothi) emanated from his face. Similar cosmic rays of light emanated from the faces of Brahmma and Rudra. These rays of celestial/ cosmic lights merged and in its brilliance the divine form of Shree Devi Goddess was seen.

The Gods each then in turn offered a part of THEIR might (Shakthi) to HER. Rudra gave his Trishula, Vishnu his Chakra, Varuna his Conch and Vayu his Bow and Arrow. Agni gave his Shastayudha, Yama the Kaladanda, Indra his Vajrayudha & Airavatha, Jaldipathi hands his pasha, Brahmma the lotus flower, Ksheerasagara gives a white garland, white dress, Chudamani, ear rings, the crescent moon necklace and anklets. The sea God offers a garland of lotus flowers and the Himalayas transform into a lion (Vahana) to SRI DEVI.

This phenomenon was witnessed by a sage called Katyayana. He was a worshipper of SRI DEVI and cherished the desire of her being born as his daughter. Witnessing the incarnation made him change his desire of having HER as his daughter. His devotion intensified and he became one with HER. The Puranas reveal that the divine Goddess highly pleased with this devotion named herself after him as Katyayani.

Our Kulaswamini Shree Katyayani’s various names are Lokajanani, Shree Bhoodurga, Shree Durga, Mahamaye etc. Our ancestors worshipped this powerful Devi and considered her as their Kuladevi (Family Deity).